Selling a Property


You are always welcome to contact me.

How Concept Conveyancing Helps With Your Sale

I will take the time to explain to you the sale process of a property.
Basic service:-

  • On-site sales contract consultation to maximise your sale marketability.
  • You can contact me by phone, email or text any time.

Professional service:-

  • After taking your instructions, a Contract for Sale of Land can be provided to your agent by email within 24 hrs.
  • I will consult with your chosen agent as to the best details to include in your contract to help with the marketing process.
  • Your contract will be prepared, and attachments requested, as close to your first marketing date as possible to ensure the contract is ‘fresh’ to prospective purchasers, thus further increasing your sale prospects.
  • Upon preparation of your contract and submission to your agent, you will receive written advice of all procedures that will ensue from that time.
  • I will contact you to discuss all enquiries from potential purchasers.
  • I prepare and send you discharge documentation for your existing mortgagee when preparing your contract to avoid any procedural delays at the time of locating a purchaser.
  • You will receive regular message updates of the status of your matter.
  • If you choose to auction your property, I will attend to all enquiries from prospective purchasers promptly to help encourage as many bidders to your auction as possible.
  • On exchange of your contract with your purchaser, you will be advised in writing as to how your matter will proceed from that stage.
  • I will maintain contact with your purchaser’s conveyancer, the real estate agent and your discharging mortgagee to ensure smooth carriage of your matter to settlement.
  • At settlement, you will receive a comprehensive pre settlement letter, advising you of all your financial obligations, outgoings, rates adjustments and procedures.
  • Our account is not payable until settlement.
  • You are always welcome to contact me.
  • I will always act in your best interest.

Please advise the following points when instructing me to prepare your contract:-

  • Do you have any documents relating to the property you may have obtained when purchasing the
    property. If you purchased through Concept Conveyancing you would have been given a Sale
    Contract Documents package clearly labelled with the address of your property, containing all
    relevant documents for sale of your property.
  • Renovations to the property within the past 10 years. If so, do you have the local council approval?
    Occupation Certificate? And, Home Owner’s Warranty insurance certificate? If you renovated your
    property within the past seven years, to a value exceeding $12,000 (now increased to $20,000), a
    certificate for Home Owner’s Insurance is a legislative requirement to provide in your contract.
  • Do you have a swimming pool and does it comply with the Swimming Pools Act. Basic items of
    compliance are:- whether the fence is of required height and unclimbable, whether there is garden
    furniture which would enable a child to climb the fence, does the gate close automatically, does the
    property have other access to the pool, i.e. direct house access, and is there a resuscitation poster
    erected within the pool enclosure.
  • Does the property have smoke alarms installed?
  • Strata Manager contact details (Strata title only).
  • Letting agent (tenant occupied only). Copy of Residential Tenancy Agreement if the property is to
    be sold with the tenant in occupation.
  • Current mortgagee. Discharge documentation to initiate the discharge process will be provided
    to you upon preparation of your contract and submission to your agent. When you return this
    document completed and signed in the envelope provided to you, I will hold it on file until you
    exchange with a buyer. It will then be submitted to your mortgagee requesting their cooperation for
  • If you don’t have a mortgage, I will ask you for the location of the Certificate of Title. It is a good
    idea to locate the Certificate of Title well before settlement to ensure it is handy when it is required.
  • Inclusions to be left with the property after sale?
  • Exclusions to be taken with you which could be misconstrued as fixtures?
  • Is it an Investment property? Consider which financial year you would like the proceeds to be
    recorded in. In this case, you should consider Land Tax, GST and Capital Gains considerations. It
    is advisable that you seek advice from your Accountant in this case.

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