Purchasing a Property


There is no charge for my conveyancing services before exchange.

I will guide you through the entire process.

You are always welcome to contact me should you have any queries.

Contact me as soon as your offer is accepted by the vendor. – I will negotiate the contract for you to
ensure that the terms of the contract don’t conflict with your plans before you outlay your 0.25% deposit
(your 0.25% deposit will be forfeited to the vendor after exchange if you wish to rescind the contract, if you
no longer wish to purchase that property for any reason). We will also discuss your financial intentions
in the transaction at this stage.

Auction – I will take instructions from you, review and negotiate the contract, advise the agent of the
agreed amendments (in case you are the successful bidder), arrange and consult with you on your property
inspections, consult with your mortgage broker to ensure finance approval. Remain in contact with you
throughout the pre-auction process, as well as during the auction, should you require assistance. There is
no charge for my services prior to exchange of contracts.

Off-The-Plan (subject to registration contracts) – I will review and negotiate the contract according to
your instructions. I will make an appointment with you for consultation prior to exchange.

How Concept Conveyancing helps with your purchase

Basic service

  • Very competitive costs in all conveyancing matters.
  • I visit you at your home or work on a day and at a time that suits you.
  • I will provide a strong plastic sleeve/folder to keep your conveyancing paperwork and to help keep your records and correspondence in order.
  • When documents are sent out to you for signature and their return to me requested, I will provide you with a pre-stamped, self-addressed envelope back to my office for your convenience.
  • You can contact me by phone, email or text any time and I will respond to you.
  • You will receive regular message updates of the status of your matter.
  • Our account is not payable until settlement.
  • You are always welcome to contact me.
  • I will always act in your best interest.

Professional service

  • I offer free review of the contract and negotiations for auctions and private treaty purchases.
  • If you require advice on your mortgage documents, or a witness, I also provide this service to you.
  • On exchange of your contract with your vendor, you will be advised in writing as to how your matter
    will proceed including ensuring you organise connection of services to the property
    for the date of settlement.
  • At settlement, you will receive a comprehensive pre settlement letter, advising you of all your
    financial obligations, outgoings, rates and levies adjustments and ensuing procedures and
    expectations at this stage. You will be reminded to arrange your final inspection of the property with
    the agent.
  • I will maintain contact with your vendor’s conveyancer, real estate agent, incoming mortgagee
    throughout the settlement period.
  • At completion of your purchase, I will provide to you a complete copy of all important contract documents, neatly filed in a plastic sleeve and clearly marked for you to retain for when you
    decide to sell the property in the future. I also keep a ‘soft’ copy of all relevant documents on your
    computer file so you only need a phone call to me to prepare a contract. These can save you
    significant expenses, in the future.

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